The Surprising Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk When You Work from Home

We hear it time and time again — A big factor in health is how active we are. Generally, those of us who regularly exercise tend to reap the greatest health benefits from our active ways.

Since I work from home and my job requires me to stay seated for eight hours or more each day during the work week, I try to sneak in extra steps anywhere I can. I park farther away in parking lots, take the stairs, and wear a fitness tracker to keep tabs on my activity level.

And on my off days, I regularly exercise and try to stay pretty active.

Surely, this helps counteract the sedentary nature of my office life, right?

Not necessarily.

Sitting Too Much Can Be Dangerous

A recent study shows that even those of us who regularly exercise are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer just from sitting too much each day.

What is too much? Prolonged sitting is generally considered any length of time between 8 and 12 hours a day.

If you find yourself in this range, you may be at a heightened risk for a number of health issues, including those mentioned above.

But when your job requires you to sit at a desk and stare down a computer screen for 8+ hours a day, what do you do?

Good question! Fortunately, there’s one simple solution to help you get out of your seat most of the day while still getting work done. What is it? The FlexiSpot sit-stand desk.

Let’s take a look and why it’s important to get up more during your day.

If You Have to Sit, Do it Right

Let’s be honest, you’ll spend some amount of time sitting during the day. But how you sit can make all the difference in how you feel and the effect it has on your body.

When it comes to sitting at a desk and staring a computer screen, most experts recommended posture best practices like:

  • Keeping your monitor at eye level

  • Positioning your arms in an L-shape from shoulder to fingertips

  • Sitting up with your back straight and shoulders back

  • Planting your feet firmly on the floor

I’ll admit, my posture isn’t always the greatest. I’m famous for sitting cross-legged in my office chair or with one legged propped — apparent no-nos to the posture pros.

If that sounds like you, you may be causing excess neck, back and shoulder pain. Remember, if you’re going to sit some of the day, sit the right way. And as often as you can, make it a habit to get up.

What’s the Solution to Sitting When You Work from Home?

The FlexiSpot sit-stand desk has got you covered. The FlexiSpot sit-stand desktop workstation can be used while sitting or standing.

The workstation sits directly on your existing desktop and when in its lowered position is just the right height for sitting down to get work done. When you’re ready to stretch your legs and get out of your seat, all it takes is a light squeeze of handlebars to raise the workstation and, voila, instant standing desk!

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

We know sitting for extended periods of time during the day isn’t great for our health. But many of us who work from home can’t seem to avoid hours on end in our desk chairs.

Instead of stopping work to get up, using a standing desk is a much easier solution to getting work done while getting out of your seat — win, win.

And experts agree, the benefits of using a standing desk are many:

  • Lowers risk of weight gain

  • Can lower blood sugar

  • Reduces heart disease risk

  • Alleviates back pain

  • Boosts mood and energy

  • Increased productivity

By adding a standing desk to your home office, you can easily reap these health benefits without altering the way you work.



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